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Description of product solution
The products offering that has been developed for the US market are multi-functional and rechargeable light with an intended retail price of $270 for the “Adaptabulb Flower Light” and $70 for the “Adaptabulb mini”. Two prototype designs have been prepared to meet this specification, the details of which are given in the section below.
Value Proposition
Compared to other light company, Adaptabulb has an innovative idea in light design which allows its light to be used for multiple purposes such as reading, working, decorating, etc. In addition, with wireless and rechargeable technologies, Adaptabulb light could be dropped from the base and be utilized as a portable lamp up to 10 hours without charging. Furthermore, the light is made from highly flexible silicon which is never broken; thus, it is very safe for users especially when they moving the light.
Adaptabulb Flower Light

The “Adaptabulb Flower Light” is a brand new concept which brings us total freedom to create interior moods via our lighting. The Adaptabulb light is wireless, heatless and limitless. It consists of rechargeable lights which can be utilized as individual lamps; therefore, we can locate them anywhere in our home, adjust their intensity and create a limitless range of moods. The “Adaptabulb Flower Light” will enrich and enliven our home life. It will gently brighten the night for a baby or young child and protect a family from complete darkness during a blackout.
Adaptabulb Mini

The ‘Adaptabulb Mini’, which uses only a single light, is an alternative for smaller and more intimate settings. This lovely little lamp can be located in doorways or on tables and desks to enrich and enliven our home life. It works in just the same way as ordinary lighting when the light is on the leaf base. However, thanks to the highly efficient rechargeable battery, the light hanging from the leaf base are continually charged whether or not the light is in use, so we can separate it from the base and use it as a portable lamp at any time.
How it works
The light can be turned on/off by simply touching the bottom lid of any single lamp. We can increase or decrease the brightness by touching and holding the bottom lid of the lamp- allowing us to set the mood. When we find the right mood, simply move our hand away and the adjustment will be complete. The power and brightness control interface is identical when the lights are separated from the flower base too. Furthermore, a light can be used as a portable flashlight since it still continues light when we move it away from the base. With just a couple hours of charging, the full battery light can last up to 10 hours, which also makes it useful for overnight use, perhaps one as a night light in child’s bedroom and the rest as mood lighting at a dinner party that runs late. These lights are also very safety since they are made from highly flexible silicon, which can even be molded