Target Marketing And Management Consultants

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Target Marketing


Management Consultants

Business Plan

“Devoted to your success”


Edwin, Colocholinares

Dru, Rittersbacher


Target Marketing and Management Consultants, is a company geared toward delivering professional and affordable marketing and management assistance. The service is provided to small start-up businesses, and struggling existing businesses. Our service will view management issues and help improve efficiency by helping owners and employees with the changing needs of their customers. We will also view their marketing techniques and help improve or provide other more effective marketing techniques if needed.

Target Marketing and Management Consultants is a unique business who is focusing on the small business owners who need direction to improve customer traffic. We provide a low cost service knowing these businesses want to market but lack the large budget or knowledge of where to market their product or service. We will focus on small businesses located in the San Diego area to include strip malls, mom and pop stores, struggling small franchises and new development shopping communities. All small businesses want to succeed and during start up the ability to get your business known is crucial to success. Developing good management techniques and market your business to the right consumer is crucial.

Target Marketing and Management Consultants has in place a five step system to develop a working business plan after we discuss what the business is looking for into a five step program;

1. Examine sales and marketing tactics and management practices.

2. Diagnose key problems and probable road blocks.

3. Treat the issues by formulating a realistic strategic plan.

4. Cure is the successful application of the plan

5. Follow-Up with our clients to continue providing assistance when they need us; providing answers for future concerns and questions.

Target Marketing and Management Consultants provides over fifteen years of experience. Mr. Edwin, Colocholinares and Mr. Dru, Rittersbacher will operate the business. Mr. Colocholinares has ten years of management and marketing experience from formal schooling, military experience and general business practices. Mr. Rittersbacher has five years of experience in formal schooling, management and marketing from operating a successful franchise.

Vision Statement:

Consultants devoted to your long-term success.

Mission Statement:

Our goal as Target Marketing and Management Consultants is to provide small business owners a low cost service. This includes assisting with any problems they may have marketing their business or managing their staff. All of this can easily be done using our five-point program.


Target Marketing and Management Consultants objectives are fairly simple. We wish to thrive as a successful long lasting business. We are also looking to promote small business into success which in-turn will have a positive impact on our community. Some of our long term objectives consist of creating intern ships for student studying in the fields of business management and marketing in order to further help our society and expand our business. Target Marketing and Management Consultants expects to have an annual income of $80,000 by the third year. By the end of our first year we aspire to be backed by the Better Business Burro.

Company Background:

Target Marketing and Management Consultants is in the start up phase. It has been 3 months in the making. We will be located in the new development area of Carmel Mountain, off of Carmel Mountain Road. (Right next to the Staples.) Our targeted market will be all San Diego small businesses. Whether they are a start up looking for an