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Small Business Childcare Center
Product/Service Plan * I will have lower rates than my competitors. The fee for toddlers will be $80 week and for infants will be $90 week. * Incorporate a friendly staff. I receive any complaint about a teacher or assiantant not be friendly they will be reprimanded and after the third write up they will be fired. * The best upgraded play facility. I will use wood chips on the ground because research show that it is less painful if you fall on wood chips versus sand. * I will have a well qualified staff. Everyone will have to have a certificate in childcare development. They will have to have high school diplomas or ged and one year of technical college
Marketing Plan * I will have promotions at Geico or Medical Center if you employeed you get a 10% discount on your monthly fee. * I have a coupon in the Family Magazine 40% of on registration fee. I will also have a page layout in family Magazine. * I also advertise in the Macon Telegraph and have a coupon there as well. * I will buy my own vans that will have the logo on it and pick kids up from the nearby Elementary schools.
Operation and Development Plan * I will reinivate a a home and have a daycare on one part and live on the other part. Once my business is establish I will by a building. * I will have the newest play facility . * I will get assist for my breakfast , lunch and dinner from Department and Family and Children Service .