An Overview Of A Company

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A. Executive Summary 4
A1. Company Identification 4
A2. Mission of the Company 4
A3. Business Goals 4
A4. Keys to Success 5
B. Company Summary 5
B1. Industry History 5
B2. Legal Form of Ownership 6
B3. Location and Facilities 6
B4. Management Structure 7
B5. Products and Services 8
C. Market Analysis 8
C1. Target Market 8
C2. Industry Analysis 9
C3. SWOT Analysis 10
D. Market Strategy 12
D1. 4Ps 12
D2. Price List 13
D3. Promotional Strategy 14
D4. Sales Forecast 14
E. Implementation Strategy 17
E1. Overall Strategy 17
E2. Monitoring Plan 17
F. Financial Statements and Projections 18 F1. Revenue and Cost Estimate……………………………………………………………….18
F1. Forecasted Profit and Loss Statement 18
F2. Forecasted
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Having big bold signage so our customers know what we are offering will be bright and legible that can be seen thru-out the events the cart is parked. Social media will play a big role in allowing us to update our locations as soon as we enter any event. We will provide a signup sheet for email addresses, facebook pages, and twitter handles so we can provide updated information.

B. Company Summary
B1. Industry History: Food trucks were once referred to as “roach coach” and they would drive between businesses selling fast foods in mostly industrial areas. They have since evolved into gourmet food, anything from your everyday hamburger and fries to homemade lasagna being sold out of the food carts. Food carts are a big business in the Portland area. When you drive through the downtown area of Portland you will find several food cart pods. Pods are empty lots that house 1-25 or more food carts and food trucks. Overhead is low for this kind of business. Carts that are in the downtown area have a shorter timeframe they will be open. The area is mostly commercial buildings so they can work Monday thru Friday from 10-6 because as the working force leaves for the day there will not be a huge need to stay open. Unlike a brick and mortar restaurant where there are long hours. When deciding on being at a county fair or special event the days maybe longer with a long week to weekend for the cart. However, the return on income can be very large in