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February 10, 2013 Statement of Purpose

Entering the court room dressed in my finest black suit, briefcase in hand, ready to argue; this image of me as a future attorney consumed my dreams for as long as I can remember. After high school graduation I could not wait to attend the University of Alabama and begin my pre-law studies that would launch my goal of becoming a successful lawyer. However, when I finally arrived, something had changed. Did I really want to interpret laws, counsel clients on legal rights, or defend potential criminals for the rest of my life? I soon realized that this career path I had once chosen could not be more opposite of my personality. Feelings of anxiety and confusion filled my mind as I waited to seek advice from my school advisor. After giving him a brief description of myself, my advisor quickly suggested that I register for Marketing 300; this is where my story begins. I will never forget the very first sentence out of my marketing professor's mouth; "Marketing is everything," he said. As I sat in my desk listening to Gorman Houston's first lecture about selling consumer goods, delivering customer service, establishing values, meeting new people and leading others, it was as though he was describing all of passions. The more I learned about marketing, finance and management, the more I wanted to become a leader in our world of business. I continued to gain knowledge about businesses through my studies, but I wanted to experience it for myself. I decided to get a job at Private Gallery boutique to enhance my skills. Working at Private Gallery has taught me many things that I could not learn out of a text book. My time spent on the floor at my retail store has given me countless hours of customer service training. I have developed my social skills and now understand the importance of making every customer feel valued. Working with other employees has shown me that not everyone's personality or strength is the same, but it takes every employees strength to make the business successful. Checking in inventory may seem like a simple task, but it has made me appreciate the efficiency of supply chain management. Above all, I have learned the importance of good management and leadership. My next opportunity for growth and knowledge in leadership skills led me to the position of Chi Omega's Assistant Recruitment Chairman. As my sorority's recruitment chair, I managed over two hundred undergraduate women while crafting and communicating a realistic set of goals for our group. Throughout the summer, I spent several hours each day strategizing, organizing, and planning events. At the end of the recruitment period, it was a rewarding feeling when I was able to announce that our sorority's vision of having 98% potential new members requesting to return to our sorority was a success. It was this moment that I realized I possessed the qualities that allowed me to be an effective communicator and motivational leader. I also had the privilege of learning leadership and communication skills through the Sale's Program's Capstone Project. My Capstone Team was responsible for selling corporate booths and sponsorships for the UA Career Center's spring 2013