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“Bird with Wings”
Business Plan Part 1
ENGM90010 Managing Technological Enterprise

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Executive Summary

The venture addressed in this document is going to establish a new company named “Bird” with full ownership of “flash memory on graphene” patent. With this technology, “Bird” is able to provide a thinnest, lightest, cheapest and most-convenient disposable USB flash drive called “Wings”.

The corporation’s mission statement is that “Wing” is to provide people with simplicity and handiness of sharing information” with slogan; “Let the information fly”.

This kind of product is a revolution in traditional flash drive industry. It redefine the concept of USB by making it disposal and very cheap. The way to consume USB will change dramatically. “Wings” will be a powerful challenger in the market. The main targeting customers are students and employees, as well as some potential business partners because “Wings” could provide high level of intellectual property protection.

“Bird” is offering 2 kinds of disposal flash drives. Series 1 is a 3-times writing and 10-times reading product which is more suitable for information transfer between individuals and within firms. Series 2 is a one-off disposal product which has high suitability for distribution data with intellectual property protection, such as a software, a design or a movie.

The competitive environment in current market is friendly to “Bird” since it is the only one who own this patent. After applying “Potter’s Five Forces” analysis, result shows that current competition situation is favourable. However, with this industry development, “Wings” may face a medium or even high pressure from new entrants only if there is no improvement to “Wings” products in the future, which will unlikely occur.

The youth of management group is a double-edges blade. It brings flexibility, innovation, and bloom to “Bird”, but it also brings the problem of lacking in experience on both management and leadership. Whereas hiring experienced employees and training staffs could be potential opportunities for “Bird” to make up those issues. Meanwhile, loss of key staff is the most significant threat to the company development.

“Bird” is going to take advantage of existing off-line distribution retail channels to rapidly expand popularity of “Wings” physically, and establish special on-line business website and cooperate with several large B2C E-commerce websites as well. In addition, “Bird” will maintain good relationships with customers and providing “just change a new one” basic service policy.

The financial analysis shows that the funds requirement is approximate $150 million at the beginning point, and it will be payoff in 4 years. In the normal circumstance, the NPV is $844 million in 10 years lifecycle. The IRR is 64% and BCR is 1.88 with 8.19% discount rate consideration. It is definitely worthy to invest.

There would be three main risks existing that are technology risk, marketing risk and the interactions between above two risks. These risks may result in serious impacts to whole enterprise development therefore some effective approaches are recommended to be applied in advance in order to maintain the enterprise flourish.

Besides analysing the crux parts above, the recommendation and future plan in the end made the whole business plan of “Bird” and “Wings” more complete and comprehensive. The recommendation is focusing on the improvement of transition and sustainability which would be beneficial to the future development.

1. Introduction
1.1. Background

Although there are several existing devices and methods we can share informations with