Essay on Business Plan Start for a Mobile Dog Grooming Business

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Action Step 10.3 (cover page)

Phantastic Dog Grooming

Enter the business name
Cleanliness is DOG-liness
Enter tag line if any

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Business Plan Prepared By

Enter your full name
Groomer and Consultant
Enter your title
Phantastic Dog Grooming
Enter the company name
XXX Oceanside Avenue
Enter the company address
Oceanside, CA 92057
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Date Prepared

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June 18, 2012
Table of Contents

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Who are the key support groups for your management team, including accountants, attorneys, consultants, board of directors, and advisory board members?

Marketing Plan
What is the market like in terms of the industry, the customer, customer needs, product benefits, the venture’s target markets, and the market penetration plan? Who are the major competitors, and what are their strengths and weaknesses? What are your market penetration plans? Include specific facts and figures from your market research.

Financial Plan
What will it cost to start this business? What are the projections for sales and net profit? How much cash will be needed to start and operate this business? What sources of financing have been, and will be, sought? How much money has been contributed by the entrepreneur? What is your exit strategy?

Management and Organization Plan

Action Step 7.1 Management and Organization Questions

Legal Form of Business

What legal form has been selected? What are the major reasons for this selection? What is the state of incorporation (corporations) or organization (LLCs)? In which states will it be necessary to be authorized to do business? Some legal forms allow for special elections for tax purposes. What, if any, tax treatment elections will you request?

Management Team

What is the contribution of the