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Matthew Chesney
BUS 121- 801
Stock Selection Report

Investment Summary


Company Name

Stock Symbol

Total Investment Amount

Purchase Price
(1/31 Close)
# of Shares Purchased
(to 2 decimals)
Primary Stock

2nd Stock
3rd Stock
4th Stock
Total Investment

Primary Stock: Lincare

Lincare established in 1972 is a respiratory company that specializes in home respiratory needs. It’s history overall has been very stable. Serving over one million patients throughout the US, Lincare has made quite a name for itself.

Lincare provides respiratory care, infusion therapy and medical equipment to patients in the home and hospital. They mainly provide oxygen and c-pap to patients but also do walkers, wheelchairs, hospital beds and many others. They also provide in home therapy and delivery of equipment to hospitals.

Lincare is in the healthcare industry and has been successful from the start. It started with 1 center and has expanded to 48 states and over 800 offices around the US. Its main competition is now Walgreens and CVS. They have just recently started doing business in this field. Other companies such as Med4Home, Apria and Quality are large companies as well. Over the last ten years, some of the smaller home medical companies have fallen into distress with cut backs from Medicare and such. Lincare has made it a point to start buying out some of these companies.

I chose to pick this as my primary stock because this is my employer. I have been told this was a very stable company to invest in and have been thinking about doing it for some time now, what a better way than after this. I have also been told this company profits between ten and fifteen billion dollars every year and is debt free. I was interested to see how the stock fares even in this troubling economic time.

Stock 1: Apple

Apple has been historically a fairly stable company and in the recent years has become a great stock to be invested in. Two young college dropouts established Apple in 1976. They started with a telephone system and moved on to start one of the top ten corporations in the US.

Apple is not only involved in computer and electronics but also has its hand in software applications. Its new computer line has been very successful and after the release of the I-pod, they did not slow down one bit. Their I-phone took off right away. Now apple is working an I-pad and new software for it’s computers

Apple is unique in that they have their hand in all parts of the consumer retail right now and are doing very well. Its main competition is IBM, HP, Dell and all the cell phone companies.

Stock 2: Abbott

Abbott is a worldwide pharmaceutical and nutritional company. It researches, designs, manufactures and