System Service Request and Project Charter Essay

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System Service Request

REQUESTER: Jasmin Aman, Administration Manager

DEPARTMENT NAME: Administration

ADDRESS: 608 S. Morgan Street, Chicago, IL



[ x ] New System (Currently does not exist) [ x ] Immediate (Operations are impaired)
[ ] System Enhancement (Upgrading the existing system) [ ] Problems exist, but can be worked around
[ ] System Modification (Changing format of existing system) [ ] Business losses can be tolerated until new system is implemented
1. Lack of inventory management tools is causing pilferage of goods. Inefficient communication between stock keeping department and the kitchen casing wastage of raw materials, and in some cases shortage during preparation of menu items. This results in higher overhead costs.
2. Control over financial statements and reports is minimal, causing fraud. Company funds are being lost due to mismanagement of manual operations.
3. Problems mentioned above directly affect the customers, which hampers the business as a whole. Long, and tedious manual operations slow down customer order processing time. The existing system is unable to match the increase in sales numbers.
Errors in any of these processes directly impair the customer satisfaction, which affects revenue generation. Lack of business centralization has resulted in higher labor costs due to redundant positions. The manual system cannot support the increasing business. Lack of data is affecting customer loyalty, employee productivity, and investment on supplies

I request a systematic analysis of the current business functions with an intent to streamline processes and link each department with the idea to minimize communication gap, and the opportunity cost. The need of the hour is to design and build a new information system to address the inventory, administration, and customer management departments. This system should be able to maintain stock keeping, financial statements, and high quality customer services.

IN LIAISON: Jeff Du, Project Manager,

SPONSOR: Michael James, Restaurant Manager,

---------------------------------------------------To be completed by Systems Priority Board-------------------------------

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Project Charter Prepared: September 14, 2014

Project Name: Operational Information System (Implementation of Information system to support administration, stock keeping and restaurant department)

Project Manager: Jeff Du

Customer: Chickens-Are-Us Restaurant Management (Restaurant, administration, stock keeping departments)

Project Sponsor: Michael James

Project Start/End (projected): 09/14/14-12/13/14
Project History and Background:
Currently, the restaurant is facing problems with stock keeping, preparing and keeping financial records and maintaining high customer service while coping with increasing numbers of customers.

Project Overview:
The new information system will aim to improve the inventory management functions by keeping accounts of stocks and supplies outgoing to the kitchen and incoming from the vendors. It will also be able to send purchase order requests to the administration department.

The project includes building a new financial reporting system capable of generating financial statements, including