Business Strategy For Facebook

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Business strategy for Facebook
Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 5 External analysis (Industry analysis) and internal analysis 5 Strengths of company 5 Weaknesses of Company 6 Opportunities of company 7 Threats of Company 7 Problem Statement 8 Criteria for evaluating Strategic alternatives 9 Three strategic alternatives and evaluation 10 Expand the global user community 10 Build engaging mobile practices. 11 Advance ad products for college age students and advertiser 11 Recommended alternative and execution 12 Execution of alternative strategy 12 Porter's 5 forces analysis of Facebook 13 Bargaining power of consumers 13 Bargaining power of suppliers 14 Threat
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(Melissa, 2010) * Some time people face boredom using the same applications of Facebook. * Social networking sites are trying to get hold of Facebook.
Problem Statement
On May 17, underwriters bought 422 million s shares of Facebook at the rate of $38 per share. In doing so, the Facebook generated $16 billion dollars in an IPO that challenge the recent records. Yet Facebook has raised capital freshly, the Facebook’s recent woes have continued to overshadow its fresh established situation. Now different questions have continued to flow just how precisely Facebook plans to grow its big business. Yet in many ways, Facebook has previously designed its business strategy clearly. In its Form S-1 filing, Facebook delivers a broad impression of just accurately how it design to build out its operation into an money-making business:

Criteria for evaluating Strategic alternatives Criteria for evaluation of strategic alternatives are given below: * Technical effectiveness * Environmental acceptability and benefits * Impact on people: * Sustainability * Economic indicator * Risk
The relative importance of each criteria is shown in the following figure :
Assessment criteria weighting Three strategic alternatives and evaluation
Following are some strategic alternatives and their evaluation is given below:
Expand the global user