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Business-To-Business COMM/470
July 15, 2013

Business-to-business concepts exchange marketplaces that provide a trading place for conducting business among buyer, and other business partners. Exchange is own by large buyer or seller, a third party. Third party business is managed by independent company. They are open to public businesses. Good relationship with business partners is critical to the success of business-to- business. Relying on other businesses to provide services about a new area of a project that is part of the receiving company’s project and another form of business –to- business letters would be communication between two coworkers in different departments. This is done by e-mail, mail or fax. Communication with a coworker in different department would best be done by memo thorough e-mail.
The below business- to- business message consist of a clothing company (ABC) communication with a distribution company (XYZ). The clothing company is sending the terms of the relationship about the distribution company distributing sample of clothing.

We at ABC Company are interesting in starting a working partnership by having your company to host our clothing line. ABC Company is one of the most popular and name brand clothes on the market.
We have selected your company to do our hosting because of to the high satisfaction rate on your website from other companies. We believe that you would be a good match for our company. If this is possible please contact me at 901-555-5555 or e-mail me at
Mr. XYZ Business- to -business letters does not mean an automatic working relationship. The receiving company has to run credit checks, to make sure the sender company is on time with payments. The receiving company also has to research what the company does and see if it will be a food profit for the company. Poor credit score, location, poor credit history are several reasons working relationship can be denied.

Mr. ABC,
I appreciate your