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There are over 200 recognized nations in the world. There are even more providences, territories, and states within those countries, each with their own form of government. When it comes to a crisis of epic proportion within an area in the world, the government in the region affected is expected to help the people and the businesses that have been lost or destroyed. As far as which one is the most effective, I would have to say that it is Socialism.

To start things off, it is important to know what a socialist government does and how they work. Socialism is defined by Marriam-Webster as “a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government” (Marriam-Webster). This means that the government has control over things such as healthcare, welfare, first aid, and other big industries. When it comes to a crisis, this is the way to go. This type of government can treat those physically affected right away because they all have free healthcare. In the case of a tornado, or a hurricane, these people with life threatening injuries can receive the treatment right away without having to think twice about it. Socialism would also be effective in providing finical assistance. The government can give money to the areas most in need directly to aid in the rebuilding, cleanup, and prevention of another disaster. The government can also set up programs like the red cross or FEMA to provide food and housing without the need of a third party charity. A socialist government can give all of this to the people by themselves because that’s what the tax money is going to. They do not have to rely on donations like in another form of government such as the USA. Instead, socialism can do this all for them already. Overall, by having a socialist government, healthcare, cleanup, rebuilding, food, housing, and more is taken care of within the government, for the people. Like I said before, socialism is the best for a crisis in the country itself, but it is also the best in foreign aid as well. Any country that can give to their own has the supplies and the money to aid those near and far as well. Foreign aid promotes the very idea of Socialism as well. “Foreign Aid provides subsidies to foreign governments to promote economic development. Government managed economy is socialism. Foreign Aid therefore promotes socialism” (Antiwar). By this logic, every foreign aid is a socialist idea and therefore all foreign aid is socialism.

Taking a turn from socialism now leads us into the laws of supply and demand. When the demand for a product goes up, the supply goes down and the prices are higher. When the demand is low, there is excess and the price can go down. This would be simple and all except that when the demand is high enough, the supply may not be an issue, but the prices can still increase to a hefty premium because it sells. This is especially true in the winter time when the only two options are to heat your home, or freeze. There are many reasons for the price to go up. One such reason is because heating oil is made from crude oil, the same as gasoline (Admin 2013). In the winter months, more people want to keep their cars full, and they have to fill up more often as well. Because of this, there is less crude oil to be turned into heating oil and the price overall to heat the home goes up because