Essay on Business Research Methods Week 1

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Business Research Methods Week 1
Susan Carrasco
Florida National University
In this week 1 assignment, I will be answering Question 7 from page 22, question 10 from page 22 and question 5 from page 76.
Business Research Methods Week 1
Question 7
In order to comment on the quality of a business research report, I would start by following the scientific method.
For the report to be of good quality it would have to have a clearly defined purpose, in this case to determine the satisfaction of those 600 persons surveyed about the life insurance company. A good research report provides a comprehensive overview of an issue and discusses its context.
The report has to follow a detailed research process; it should reveal the sources of data and the means by which they were obtained. When significant procedural details are omitted, it makes it difficult to estimate the validity and reliability of the data and this may weaken the quality of the report and how we feel about it.
Research design needs to be planned, and clearly described to yield results that are objective as possible.
I would also ensure that highly ethical standards were applied; that the limitations were frankly revealed. One of the most important steps in the scientific method would be meeting the adequate analysis for decision maker's needs because it would help me analyze the quality of the report.
Findings must be presented unambiguously or not leave room for more than one interpretation. Conclusions need to be justified and researcher's experience needs to be reflected. Good research requires judgment and honesty; it acknowledges possible errors and limitations. It should also describe key decisions researchers face when structuring their analysis and explain the choices they made.
Question 10
As a researcher, I would have to say that the first stage is a crucial one because we need to define the purpose or question of the research. It is crucial because an inappropriate question will often lead to irretrievable difficulties later in the research.
During research proposal, we provide detailed description of the proposed program or question. This step is like an outline of the entire research process that gives the readers a summary of the information discussed in the research.
In research design strategy, in order to undertake my research I need to identify the design I will adopt. The design will be concerned with how I will turn the research question into a project and how it will be closely linked to the purpose of my research.
Data collection is impacted by the method of research that we use. Data preparation is important because we convert raw data into a usable data for analysis. The analysis and result will depend on the quality of the data. There are always the possibilities of errors in handling raw data and when transcribing data, that is why I need to