But The Eyes Are Blind Essay

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‘But the eyes are blind. One must look with the heart.’
In the book ‘The little prince’, Antoine De Saint Exupèry the author shows us at the start of the novel that one must look with the heart as the eyes are blind. He shows us this when he talks about the little princes planet and the person who found it, nobody believed the man because of the way he was dressed, the way he walked, and the way he talked. They didn’t look behind that to find out that he was a really smart person. Another way he shows this is when he gets the narrator to say ‘but unfortunately I cannot see sheep through boxes’. By saying this he is accepting that he is growing up and turning into an adult without his will. He is upset at the fact that he can no longer see things through his hearts perspective, he has lost his imagination. Third and finally the author tells us that it is far more difficult to judge oneself then to judge others (pg46) by saying this he means that we look at ourselves from what we can see with the heart, we know what is actually in there and then try to hide it. However, when we look at other people, we tend just to look at them through our eyes, until we then get to know them.

When the Turkish man discovers the little princes planet, nobody believed him, he had turned up to the presentation the way he would turn up anywhere else, he was in his traditional clothes, the clothes, someone would assume, that he wore everywhere. As people found this different, they didn’t like change and they failed to accept the way he did things. Even though this man was a very smart man, they judged him based on his looks, they didn’t look with their heart to find what was really there, and they didn’t look to find a smart man who had a bright future. Instead, they looked with their eyes and all that they were greeted by was the ‘funny outfit’ that he was wearing. It is like they say; don’t judge a book by its cover, for instance, this very book. From the front it doesn’t seem like the most ‘exhilarating’ book, but when you start reading, it is very hard to just put it down. You get to learn the whole story and you see beyond the cover. A couple of years later the Turkish man came back to present the presentation once more. This time he came in a suit and tie, he got dressed up much despite his consent. However he did it and he was surrounded by much more admiration and pleasure on his presentation, for they actually listened to it without having to be so worried about how he looked like.

As many people grow up they go through life looking for a special something that will make them happy, some people spend their whole lives trying to find this and some even die unhappy as they do not believe that they have found this special thing. The little prince sums it up perfectly when he says ‘and yet what they are looking for could be found in one single rose, or in a little water’ (pg93) a rose and some water are things that most people see in their daily lives. However if you look behind what it really is, if you look at its actual meaning, if you look with your heart, you will find that the rose or amount of water will actually mean something to you and you will then be connected to that specific rose. Mr Williams made a very good example, he said that if you went to school with triplets and they were all very pretty and you happened to be lucky enough to court one of them, although they all looked the same, you would only like the one that you were courting as you are connected to her in a way that you just can’t compare to the other two.

Usually you know who you really are on the inside, and sometimes you don’t want people to see.
It is part of human nature to go around judging people. The majority of people don’t actually realise that they are judging when they do in fact judge. It is just something us humans do, we can’t help it. A person walks into a room, and the first thing that people look at tends to be what the person is wearing, how