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Cara Duggins
Theology Period 1
April 17th, 2014
Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss This story relates to militarism because each side of the wall is trying to be better than each other. They don’t like each other because one side of the wall puts butter on the bottom of their bread, and the other puts butter on the top of their bread. Instead of accepting what each other does and just dropping it, they resort to violence. Each side of the wall feels that violence is the best and most effective way to respond because that is how they were raised. Neither side realizes how stupid they look, they both put butter on their bread. It shouldn’t matter what side it’s on; it will still taste the same. Both sides of the wall want to take place in the theory of deterrence. They want to harm the other side of the wall for putting their butter on the wrong side of the bread because they’re “wrong”. Both sides of the walls come up with very violent weapons. These weapons could potentially harm or kill many Yooks and Zooks. Each side of the wall is willing to sacrifice some of their people to prove that they are right. Both sides of the wall are always in competition to be better than one another; they’re in an arms race. They had teams that had jobs of just coming up with bigger and better weapons than the other side of the wall. When the Yooks would come to the wall with a new weapon, the Zooks would show up the next day with the same weapon. The Zooks sometimes had bigger and