Essay on Call for Revolution

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"A revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe, but when one makes it fall." Generally, history is about the past that has included many turning points that impact us. These have let major impressions on the world today. Since history does repeat itself in different ways, it does not move smoothly. Instead, conflicts are brought about, where small riots turn into vital resolutions. However, there are ways to tell whether a revolution is truly successful or a complete failure. A revolution can be evaluated by the satisfaction of the people, how long it can last and its completion of objectives. First, if the people are not pleased with the outcome of a revolution, there is no point in the first place. Revolutions are usually brought up by the people and how they are affected in their lives. This happens when they are tired of suffering and want a new change. It can even start from just a few people and gradually have individuals support you for a cause they agree upon. For example. The American Revolution began by the king trampling colonists' natural rights, thus the desire for declaring independence from Britain and protecting the new United States of America. This shows how in a revolution, the people are the dude and has the power to overthrow an unjust government according to John Locke. The people clearly play a significant role in a revolution. Secondly, no matter how things are accomplished, it needs to be don't through firm actions. Otherwise, if efforts are taken half-willed, a revolution can easily come crumbling down. Obviously, a strong revolution should have strong faith. To ensure that a revolution has stability, it should be able to impact much more than just the present. Either way, a revolution must keep going forward overcoming any obstacle. For example, New technologies that were made doing the Industrial Revolution where inventions that have endured the modern world in many ways such as the medical advancements which has definitely slowed down death rates today. As long as revolution completes its goal, it will continue to influence the minds of many. Thirdly, a revolution that has achieved its goals is guaranteed for growth. There are many ways to show its resolution by