My Old Home

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“Can We Try To Reconcile?” In the short story My Old home, LU HSÜN recalls going back to his old clan’s home to help his mother move out and sell most of the items that were inside of the house. It is cold outside and he has traveled more than seven hundred miles to get to the house so he is really anxious to get there. Once HSÜN gets to his old home his mother tells him that a childhood friend wants to see him and then he starts having flashbacks “…A strange picture suddenly flashed into my mind: a golden moon suspended in a deep blue sky and beneath the seashore, planted as far as the eye could see with jade-green watermelons, while in their midst a boy of eleven or twelve..” (HSÜN 218). This paper will analyze HSÜN’S journey for the short time that he was home. When HSÜN comes back to his home he is a little flabbergasted because the house and the town look much different than when he was a young boy. As another artist recognizes, “Upon arriving at his long-past home, his memories are forced to come to terms with the truth, thereby shattering his prior conceptions and understandings of the world.” (Swoveland). HSÜN comes to the conclusion that his friendship that he had with his childhood friend Jun-tu was completely different from what was thought when he was younger. “The narrator could no long wait to reacquaint himself with Jun-Tu; he wanted to hear more of the sea-side glamour.” He and Jun-Tu have always lived different lives and that is why HSÜN now thinks that there is a wall between the two of them “..for I knew then what a lamentably thick wall had grown up between us. Yet I could not say anything.” (HSÜN 220), the two men have grown to have different perceptions of life. . Children can be oblivious to what is going on in the world because they do not know any better and they do not really see greed, and selfishness. This is why HSÜN included descriptive details of when he was little and met Jun-Tu for the first time, and the perceptions that HSÜN had about Jun-Tu’s life. Now that both HSÜN’s nephew and Jun-Tu’s son are forming the same bond that they did when they were younger, HSÜN can only be sad because he knows what will eventually come of the young boy’s relationship. He wants better for both of the young boys but still has the doubt and wonder in his mind, “...the children still have much in common,.. I hope they