Canada's Aging Population

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Canada’s population is aging. On July 1, 2015, Statistics Canada’s Annual Demographic Estimates, shows that Canadian population 65 years and older doubled and is expected to grow in the next two decades (1-STATS CANADA. Page 51). It is good news that Canadians are living longer, the bad news is that with age comes a decrease in health function and there is a profuse demand for elderly care services. As the number of senior increase and the need for home care and long-term care services arises, it is important to educate and introduce seniors and their family to the services available in the community. Elderly care should be individualized, centered on the client’s needs, and flexible to keep up with Canada’s aging population. In Ontario, there …show more content…
Long-term care insurance is different from medical insurance. The Canadian Health Act does not insure services for elderly care (3-government of Canada); most expenses for elderly care are drawn out of own pocket and home care services would add to the costs if not approved to be publicly funded. The “CCAC care coordinators consist of registered health professionals such as; nurses, social worker and therapists” (8-) help clients to address health concerns and discuss health needs but it is the home-helpers and caregivers that are present most of the time and do majority of the home care services. Disadvantages for home care services are because home-helpers and caregivers are not usually trained in medicine; they sometimes miss important symptoms vital to a client’s health condition. Moreover, over the last decade “seniors on home care are helped by a total of 8 million caregivers: relatives and friends who are also deeply involved in their care, may have their own health problems, and often face burnout if resources are inadequate” (7-). Some seniors that are in-home care administer their own medication, usually kept on a divided pill container, and because of age related decline of functions, they are at risk for taking the wrong medication (9-). Most seniors choose home care services instead of the care services in nursing homes and this