Essay On Canadian Immigration

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At fist blush, Suzuki comments that Canada’s immigration policy is flawed are shocking. Not only because they initially come across as anti-immigration but also because they are originating from someone who is part of a success story of an immigrant family who contributed immensely to their adopted land. Canada benefits so many ways from immigration. We benefit from new ideas, new cultures, and differing political opinions. We gain financially, culturally and in many other ways. Countries from which immigrants may come from may loose initially but other people rise to take the place of those who leave. The aging population combined with low fertility rates makes it necessary for Canada to rely on immigration to shore up it’s workforce.

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We must accept that we just don’t have enough people in our country. Our population is spread out sparsely through this great expanse we proudly call our country. Increased population adds vitality to our economy and culture. It allows for an increase in trade, commerce and increase in thought and art. Compared to countries in Europe and Asia we have a very long way to go before we come close to being overpopulated. We have to also accept that we have an aging population and we need manpower in the working age group to support our social structure, especially when it comes to the …show more content…
Europe and the Americas both continued to thrive economically and culturally after mass immigration from Europe to the Americas. Look at the latest designers of clothing. Channel still developed in Paris and Dolce Cabana in Italy. We have also developed some of the most famous designers in America, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors. The music of Europe Mozart and later the Beatles didn’t stop with the outflow of people. We still somehow discovered Elton John and Rod Stewart. In North America we still found Bob Dylan and the Eagles. In Canada we have some of the best animators in the world. We have the undisputed best environmental activist, Suzuki, in the world. The movement of people allows for a new venue for the expansion of thought and ideas in both