Canada's Role In Ww2 Analysis

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Canada played a major role in many of the battles that took part in World War ll, from supplying goods or sending men overseas to fight. The Canadian army had varying success during World War II, unlike The Great War which established Canada as an independent nation. The Canadians were apart of many battles in World War II such as the Battle of Britain where Canada not only supplied men, they supplied a place to train their pilots. World War II came at great costs for the Canadians, the Canadians had a large causality rate, many lost their lives in the battles, while others were captured as prisoners of war, where they were tortured and many died.
Canada played a major role in the battle of Britain, Canada not only supplied men in this battle but they also supplied a place for the British to train their air force. Canada began supplying the Royal Canadian with men in flying and non-flying positions. Canadians turned to Royal Air Force for a steady aviation job and those seeking an economic stability, these Canadians came in large numbers. As the Canadians began to join the air force, they became known as the Royal Canadian Air Force, it was
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Canadians who were stationed in Britain were very eager to join the war effort and Canadians back home were eager to see the Canadian army involved in the war. The 2nd Canadian infantry Division made up the majority of the assault. The Canadians assaulted Dieppe in four sections; Green Beach, Red Beach, White Beach and Blue Beach. At Blue Beach Canadians arrived late to their assault, as the Canadians arrived, the Germans had shot them until the raid was over. Some of the infantry managed to get off the beach and into Dieppe, but many Canadians failed their objectives. The Calgary tanks, which were to arrive on Red Beach, arrived late and were bogged down and