Capitalist & the American Dream Essay

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I believe that Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller totally exemplify the American Dream. Before you continue reading shouldn’t we have an understanding of what the American Dream is? Although the American Dream varies from person to person, but the consensus is equality, democracy, and material prosperity. While some have an easier time achieving the American Dream others like Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller struggled and fought to achieve theirs.
Rockefeller is America's first business superstar, and that his rise to legendary status came after an impecunious childhood makes his story all the more renowned. John D. Rockefeller’s upbringing alone exemplifies the American Dream. His family was poor and his father a traveling salesman didn’t help support his family. So at an early age Rockefeller was out hustling to sustain himself and his family. He sold candy in the neighborhood and everything he made went to support his family. Then Rockefeller continued practices of borrowing and reinvesting profits, controlling costs. Rockefeller ended up as an oil tycoon, and Americas richest man. He also established the first monopoly, cornering the oil business and controlling about 88% of the United States of America’s oil. John D. Rockefeller didn’t stop in the United States, he set up oil refineries in China which also enlarged his earnings.
Andrew Carnegie had a similar story but with a twist. Andrew Carnegie was also poor, he and his family lived in Scotland though before his father relocated them to the United States after suffering hardships and struggles. Andrew Carnegie worked to make ends meet just like anyone else would. Carnegie was hired by Thomas Scott of the Pennsylvania Railroad Co. as a secretary and telegraph operator, kicking his off gradual ascension to historic wealth. He later grew up working with Thomas Scott and worked his way up the ranks. Scott, served as a mentor to the then young Andrew Carnegie, and helped introduce him to investment opportunities, the first of which was paved