A Person Wishes To Purchase A Personal Computer For Home Use.

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Level 1 – Definition
1. A person wishes to purchase a personal computer for home usage. Identify the internal hardware components this computer should contain.
a. Student should identify the following: Power Supply, Motherboard, CPU, RAM,
HDD, USB ports for I/O’s such as mouse and keyboard. You also can add in
DVD drives, I/O’s for speakers, monitor, and microphone.
Level 2 – Application
2. Explain in simple terms the I/O process.
a. “Input/Output”… Data is entered into the computer through an input device such as a mouse or keyboard; given the application used the CPU will process the data into output.
Level 3 – Troubleshooting
3. You typed “abcd” but the locally attached printer prints garbled text. How do you go
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Topic 4 – TCP/IP
Level 1 – Definition
1. Define in basic terms, the TCP/IP suite of protocols.
a. TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. TCP/IP is the most widely used communications protocol. Developed in the 70’s under contract from the DOD (Department of Defense).

Level 2 – Application
2. Protocols within the TCP/IP suite correspond to logical ports on a computer. How can one determine which ports within TCP/IP are open or have established connections at any given time?
a. Open the command prompt and type netstat –aon and the results will show which ports are established, listening, or waiting. This command will also display the PID (Process Identifiers) to allow you to open up the Task
Manager and narrow down what process is using what port.
Level 3 – Troubleshooting
3. A user reports she cannot access the internet. Describe some of the tasks one would perform related to the TCP/IP protocol in order to troubleshoot this problem.
a. Ensure the computer has a valid IP address, which can be done through the network properties or through the command prompt using Ipconfig /all command. Try to ping the domain server by testing using command ping www.google.com. Use ARP/RARP command to resolve the address of the PC that the user is trying to reach.
Level 1 – Definition
1. What is a domain?
a. A