Career Plan Assignment Essay

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Writing a career plan is an important step in identifying goals in life. Career plans give direction and purpose to a course of study or a career choice.
1. Evaluate yourself. Identify your interests, values and goals. This will help you understand the career you chose or will choose and how it can be tailored to you.
I am interested in helping people achieve financial responsibility and stability. My goals are pretty specific. I want to get my graduate degree, gain work experience, help the public, and eventually start my own full service accounting firm.

2. Develop career objectives. Get an idea of what jobs and what abilities you have to offer employers.
My career objectives are to find a stable accounting job after graduation. I have stability, reliability, and good morals to offer employers. I believe myself to be knowledgeable in my field.

3. Explore your potential career. Explore the fields you want to work in and research the industries involved.
I have done a lot of research on potential careers. Initially I would like to work in an accounting office to gain experience while I work on my graduate degree. I would prefer to work on the accounting side and not the auditing side at first. In graduate school I am also interested in possibly getting my degree in business law along with my masters in accounting.

4. Match yourself with a goal career. Decided which is best suited for you by narrowing down your occupational choices. Evaluate each option, identify any