Carpet: Family and Carpet Essay

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This particular carpet has been in this particular space since the last two years. I remember the first time they brought it in, it looked unusual and I disliked its color tremendously. I begged my mother and my father to change its position, but they didn’t. Every time I enter my home, it has always been there. After a couple of days I realized, this carpet, was actually the first thing to welcome me home. Sometimes my family are not always home, and when I enter and say my “Salam”, the only thing that replies quietly is the carpet, greeting me with silence. It was as if the carpet grew on me, it marked this particular space, and if it was ever changed or removed, I think I wouldn’t be comfortable with the new carpet.

My father feels the same way, since he was the one who designed this rare square carpet. There is a deep connection between him and that carpet. My father is a carpet collector; he bought three large carpets, each with a unique design. The carpets were Ifsahan, Naeem, and Kashan designs. The three carpets were all Persian hand made and they are 90 years old, he discovered them on his trip in Iran. After bringing them back to Dubai (I was not even born yet), and after many years, the carpets started to slowly get damaged. My mother asked my father to put them away, yet my father felt too attached to the carpets to throw them. He also did not want to waste carpets. After many drawings and decision-making, he finally decided to send the three carpets back to Iran, and have them all cut in different small sizes and put together in a 2x190m square with a supporting soft canvas. Carpets rarely come in square, which is why it is a very unique hand made carpet. He specifically made it, for the square space to the entrance of our home. He wanted visitors and guests to immediately, once they step foot in our house, to admire something strange and unique. He