Case: Google and Privacy Policy Essay

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Google and Apple are technology giant that bucked the system. Apple and Google may look similar on the surface, but the companies couldn't be any more different. Both of these companies are successful and clearly covered themselves with good policy. It is true when we read through their privacy policy. They have much similarity in their privacy policy and they stated everything clearly about the purpose of the privacy policy and the way they collect all information. They have a lot similarity though they have some differences as well.

I would like to discuss about Google’s privacy policy. Google has provided so many types of services to help their users, for example, to search information, to share information and many more. When users use Google services, they might have to provide their information. All the information that users provide will be used by Google in many ways, so Google has to create privacy policy. Privacy policy will explain what information and why they collect it and how the way they use the information. There are two ways Google collects information which from information that we give when we create an account (name, email address and contact numbers) and information that they collect from services that we use. For information that they collect form services that users use, Google might collects from devices that users use to connect to Google account, when users use GPS signal and connect to Google services, and also when users visit a Google service and sending one or more cookies or anonymous identifiers. Furthermore, in their privacy policy Google also explain what the purpose they collect all users’ information. The purposes are to improve, protect, provide and develop new services to their users. In their privacy policy, Google also mention that users could control their information. However, information those users publish to the public in other Google service then it may be search. Google stated that they do not share any information with any third parties unless in some conditions. First condition is when they have permission from the users to give up on information. Second is the condition when Google needs provide information to their domain administrators. Third is Google shares information to their business partners. The last is legal reasons such as government request and etc. To protect their information Google uses SSL (Security Socket Layer).

Apple’s privacy policy is almost the same with the privacy policy of Google. For Apple, users privacy policy is very important therefore they stated very carefully about how they collect users information, what information and to whom they disclose the information. First, Apple collects users’ information when they create an apple id, purchase apple products, or when users download software. Apple may collect information such as name, email address, mailing address, and credit card number. Another way apple collects information is when users share information with other people such as family or friends. Apple may collect their information at that time. The other way apple collects information is from SSN but this is only for U.S and with special condition. From all the information that apple collected, it will be used to their services, content and advertising. For users, from the information it will allow users to download software, update software and any latest announcement about apple. Moreover, apple also will use personal information for internal purpose for example research and many more. Not only personal information that apple collected but also non personal information such as languages, occupation, location and etc. This type of information will be used by apple to understand more about their customers.…