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STRATEGY Case for critical analysis
Associated Newspapers Ltd (ANL)–Metro & London Lite

1. What would the SWOT analysis look like for this company?
We have specialized our market focusing in young people, which is hard because they do not usually read newspapers. We have also founded a new newspaper, which is called London Lite, which is mainly designed for women. We have the biggest newspapers sold in the UK, and we have sold 1.1 million copies of our free newspaper, which is now one of the best free newspaper in the UK, and the best one in the world.
Our newspaper is sold in many cities, and around 18 million people.
The newspaper is different from
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II. We think that nowadays smartphones are really important in life, nearly everybody has one, so our idea is to create apps for android and apple that will help our readers to enter in our web.
III. And the last one is to create pages in the social networks such as
Facebook, Twitter … that will make our newspaper well known for a lot of users. GROUP 5

3. Which of Porter's competitive strategies would you recommend that
Newspapers follow in future? Why? Which of the strategies do you think would be least likely to succeed?

Differentiation Focus:
One strategy for Associate Newspaper Ltd. (ANL) could be to continue focusing on different people. So after they already published a newspaper for the female sector in general they could focus also on other interests of the people. So there exists a market of the older people. The characteristic of them is that they have a lot of time. Another possible market could be for fans of nature – or more specialized – the garden. We could also look for some special hobbies like cars. All this focused new newspapers would be financed by advertisement of these sectors.
Although using this strategy you are generating a new public who is looking for that specific information, this would be a more expensive strategy, because you need a new redaction