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Tonia Wiant

Case 1

Question 1

The patient should be asked if they have a family history of any disease such as heart disease, cancer or chronic illness. Also ask what kind of medicine they are currently taking .

Question 2

Ask what color , shape , size and what is written on the pill itself. And if the patient is at the office ask if they have the pill with them.

Question 3

Look at PDR ask to see the tablets to see what marking the pill will have on it to identify it.

Case 2

Question 1
This is a good choice usually after 1 to3 days of taking it you will feel some relief .

Question 2

You will receive 15 tablets.

Question 3
Acetaminophen 325mg 1-2 po q4-6 prn pain.

Question 4
It all depends on what other medication the patient is currently taking and if it will interact with it. If the patient is taking antihypertenisives it is recommended that you do not take Sudafed if taken with and acetaminophen your blood pressure will increase or get high.

Case 3

Question 1
This means she is to take the medication 30 minutes before she eats her breakfast.

Question 2
If she is taking 3x the recommended dose of the pepto bismol that could cause her constipation. Because Pepto- Bismol is used for upset belly.

Question 3

I do not think it would work it is used for diarrhea or upset belly.

Question 4&5
If you are going to use a regular tablespoon that would equal to about 5ml of the medication 3 times a day for 10 days.