Case Report Section D Group 11 Essay

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I. Executive Summary
In the wake of rising competition in the Indian Soap Industry, Himalaya Drug Company faced a challenge in positioning its recently launched Herbal Bath Soap—Himalaya Herbal Soap. After a gamut of successful health and wellness products, the Himalaya Drug Company recently entered the Soap Industry by launching Himalaya Herbal Soap. Entry into this overcrowded segment proved extremely difficult as it had to face intense completion from other established brands. Thus repositioning of the Himalaya Herbal Soup became increasingly necessary. The Brand Manager wanted the positioning of the soap to be such that it not only operates in the niche herbal market but also compete with other well-known soap brands operating in the
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To analyse the ads of Himalaya, Lux and Medimix in terms of a comparison of functional benefits, brand image and marketing communication
To recommend repositioning strategies for the Himalaya Soaps based on the findings. To plan a brand identity strategy

1.5. Scope and Limitations
Our analysis included comparison of the perception of Himalaya Herbal Soap in comparison to LUX and Medimix. Lux representing the competition in the popular category and Medimix representing competition in the niche Herbal Market
Our study is limited to the analysis of the findings of the customer perception survey conducted.

2. Analysis and Findings:

2.1. Brand Image Perception
Brand equity is the critical part of the building a successful business. Brand values, performance and differentiation helps consumers to associate with the brand. Himalaya has tried to create a brand which will be the Ayurvedic solution to daily skin care. Core value of the company are natural, herbal, Ayurveda and free of side effects. Company has used these values to create a place for itself in the highly competitive market.
Table 2.1. The Indian Soap Industry
Size of the Industry
About 700 companies
Annual revenue of about $17 billion
Geographical distribution
All the metropolitan cities
Output per annum
Annual Per capita