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February 20, 2013
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1. In the story,” The right side of Tim’s body was paralyzed and he was having great difficulty trying to talk”. Thus, it suggests that the left hemisphere of Tim’s brain suffered during his stroke, because language processing occur more in the left side if the brain. In general, the left hemisphere concentrates more on tasks that require verbal competence, such as speaking, reading, thinking, and reasoning.
2. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) technology would be best reveal the location and extent of damage to Tim’s brain produced by his
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Thus, activation - synthesis theory of dreaming seems to best explain Arlene’s disturbing dreams. According to psychiatrist J. Allan Hobson, because we have a need to make sense of our world even while asleep, the brain takes these chaotic memories and weaves them into a logical story line, filling in the gaps to produce a rational scenario. He also suggests that the particular scenario a dreamer produces is not random but instead is a clue to the dreamer’s fears, emotions, and concerns.
3. The long – term practice of meditation may improve Arlene’s health because of the biological changes it produces. It may also reduce Arlene’s stress and fear that she faces every day. Because after meditation, people report feeling thoroughly relaxed. They sometimes relate that they have gained new insights into themselves and the problems they are facing.
4. Insomnia occurs due to a particular situation, such as stress at work. Also, food can play an important role in resulting insomnia. My advice to Arlene to overcome her insomnia is reducing her stress, eating healthy, and more exercise. A long – term practice of meditation may reduce Arlene’s stress and health. Eating a healthy food, excluding coffee, energy drinks, and fast food, and exercise can reduce insomnia.
5. Arlene will have headaches if she suddenly stops drinking coffee and energy drinks, because of the sudden drop in the amount if