Hardware: Networked Computer With Internet Access And Bar Code Scanner

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Systems is the ability to model the components of the system, to connect the inputs and outputs among those components into a sensible whole that reflects the structure and dynamics of the phenomenon observed. Abstract thinking is the ability to make and manipulate models. A good understanding of these concepts are required by every employee to best do their own part in the process of selling a product from warehouse to customer. Since a person who cannot perform systems and abstract reasoning would be uncomfortable in an environment like Amazon, they likely would not last too long.
Hardware: Networked computers with internet access, and Bar Code scanner. All these hardware can be useful for tasks such as picking up items in a warehouse, packing items, and shipping out the products.
Software: Hundreds of different software’s help different hardware communicate and coordinate with each other. Some software works at the warehouse that may help connect to shipping vendors.
Data: The Information System contain millions of data and they are about products, customers, orders, and etc.
Procedures: It may have hundreds of procedures that are being followed by workers in warehouses, and shipping department, and other departments. Also, customers may need to follow some procedures to complete the order processing
People: There are employees who work at the warehouse and other departments. They operate and service the computers, maintains the data, and supports the networks of computers.
1-Click Shipping in 1997
Because of the Moore’s Law facilitated 1-Click Shipping, rather than ask a customer to enter shipping and payment information with every order, they store the information and enable the customer to buy with only one click, which Is