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1. The policy question is clear, but you can not answer the question without finding out some important facts. Question of fact is there a way of making textbooks more affordable for the students of this College? The question of prediction, will we be able to make these books more affordable by the next semester? The group needs to investigate why the book store at school the text books are over 60, but best-seller books are only priced around thirty dollars.

2. We should all split up. Each member of the group should cover a specific topic or question. One person should take why are the textbooks price set so high? Another one can cover why are used text books almost just as high as brand new books? And another question is where is all the money for the books were buying going to? Another person can go to other bookstores locally to compare the book prices for both the new books and used books. If the group has a better understanding on how much books are everywhere maybe it would make more sense. If the books are actually that expensive maybe we can set up a system with renting books out for the semester rather than actually purchasing them. As we learned reading chapter four most basic problem solving structure include 1) Identify and define the problem 2) Analyze the problem 3) Generate several possible solutions 4) Select the best solution or combination of solutions. By following those steps the group can come up with a successful plan.

3. Sometimes ordering stuff wholesale actually is cheaper than purchasing individual items. But most universities get some sort of discounts on wholesale items, so by ordering online we could possibly be missing out on that. Before jumping to the internet right away, find out first what you and your group members may already know about textbooks. Researchers have found that one of the most important tasks to do in groups is identifying who knows the most about the topic in this case maybe one group member is more knowledgeable in this area than another group member. But many people in the group may not know why or how books are priced, so we than can resort to internet. To really get to the bottom of this we are going to have to talk to someone in charge of books whether that may be the manager, or the owner of the bookstore we need to get a full understanding of this.

4. Groups need an agenda to have a properly structured discussion. The first step is identifying the issue, which of course is reducing the price of textbooks for students. We need to analyze the the problem. Why and how its so much money. Generating several possible solutions is the next step. Some solutions we could try. Maybe setting a system up where we rent the books instead of buying them. Another one could be talking to the bookstore…