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Upper Iowa University | The Valley Winery | What do you think is happening at Valley Winery? |

Brenda Pommier

Abstract Many Companies today deal with high turnover and they have learned what it takes to keep their valued employees. The company relationship also is uncertain, as the sales reps are not able to have the time to build a good relationship with the customer before they are gone. Many times as new management, steps in they find things are worse than what they thought. You can have the best year in sales and still fall short in profits, and turnover could be the culprit. It cost companies millions a year in profits, just to place the job on the market and hire then train the applicant. Therefore many companies find it necessary to retain the employees they already have, and build a working relationship and fill in the cracks to avoid high turnover.

Introduction The Valley winery located in Napa California was founded in 1933 in the end of prohibition the company was vested with only $7500 and became the leading producer of low priced, consistent quality wines in the largest domestic producer in the United States. Pat Waller was recently hired as the sales manager or the San Francisco region. He noticed that he had inherited many problems despite their role sales. This paper will discuss how Pat Waller will handle the issues with high turnover, management and its customer/competition complaints in his company.
Is Management Taking The Proper Steps To Hire The Right Candidate?
The foundation of any firm is Management. They are the decision makers, management has the ability to make or break the corporation. Management also characterizes how the company and employees should perform. If management is strong-minded towards the precision in sales, many other significant areas of the business may be unnoticed. For instance, maintenance of a long-term relationship with buyers would be passed over. If management is aggressively forcing the sales representatives to secure sales at any cost, the representatives possibly will be looked at as unprincipled and even too aggressive. Since, Valley Winery management encourages representatives to intentionally falsify the amount of cases of wine are sold to their customers, this is immoral and dishonest. It says a lot about the integrity of management when they encourage employees to act unethically.
What Are The Problems And Causes Facing Pat Waller? Pat Waller, is a long-time employee of Valley Winery, he was recently promoted to sales manager of the San Francisco division. He began his new position sorting out the issues that he inherited; he was stunned to find that even though the division was successful it had such a horrible turnover rate. Although the company is the leading producer of low, priced and high quality wines in the United States, Waller still questioned exactly how the San Francisco division of Valley Winery even met their sales goals. Upon investigating, Waller found many obstacles that were mainly beginning with management. Even the hiring process of Valley Winery needed to be reviewed. Mike Wehner, the personnel manager for the San Francisco division, believes that candidate’s traits include youth and physical characteristics. Additionally, discussing the costs of…