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Fayette Henry
Psychology 213
Profesor Kristen Wright
Case Study
Mr. Brown is a 45 year old ex-marine. He lives with his 40 year old girlfriend who has been with him for a little more than twenty years; they were high school sweet hearts. He was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, after he came home from the war, but lately his girlfriend said his behavior has become very erratic and she believes he has stop taking his medication. His girlfriend noticed his behavior at times seems almost like he is seeing or hearing someone or something. He doesn’t want to go anywhere for fear the people he killed in the war family members have come for revenge. he appears to be agitated most of the day. When he first came home from the military two years ago, he was a permanent fixture at the VHF, which is a place where veterans from any branch come together to congregate and talk war stories, Mr. Brown have not been to the VHF in the last two weeks and his friends are very worried about him. Lately, he refused to answer or make calls on his cell phone for fear that the people would find out his location and come to get him. He said he doesn’t go to the VHF because he can see the people from the war their calling his name. Mr. Brown only had his mother, but she passed away a couple months ago, there are no other living relatives in Chicago. He does however, have one sister in Georgia who he has not talked to in two years and want say why. His girlfriend has noticed him whispering and sounding agitated, but there was no one there. He has made lots of friends at the VHF, but will not