State How The Problem Affects You

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Case Study #1
Question 1
1. Describe the problem
Before I even approached my neighbor I would hope to have a grasp of their personality at least a little bit. If the neighbor was virtually a stranger to me then I would approach them differently. I would explain to my neighbor that I have to be up early in the morning five days out the week. I usually try to make it to bed around 10:00pm, and up around 5:30 am. However, the high volume of music interrupts my sleep.
2. State how the problem affects you
a. I explain to my neighbor that I work for the school system as a bus drive. The loud music keep me from getting sleep at night, I wake up tired. This is putting children’s lives at risk because I have to force myself to stay awake behind the wheel.
b. You maybe can say something like; I would appreciate it if you would turn down your music after 10 p.m. during the week. I transport children to and from school Monday thru Friday on my bus route and I really would like to make sure that I am well rested for their safety.
3. Proposed solutions that are workable.
a. I would kindly ask the neighbor if he/she can keep the music down Sunday thru Thursday. This will allow me to sleep better at night, which will enable me to drive the school bus safely.
4. Confirm understanding
a. I ask the neighbor do we have in agreement to keep the volume down at night at least Sunday thru Thursday, for the safety of the children.
Question 2
I feel like and aggressive person would respond to the case, as if he or she would not care about the high volume noise. To me an aggressive person is someone who is always ready to hold an argument. Despite that the other neighbor works early in the morning, the aggressive person is still going to want to play loud music. The nonassertive person would be more likely to compromise with my concern. I feel like it would be easier to talk with a nonassertive because he/she will take the time to listen and understand my concern about the high volume noise. If you were a nonassertive person and had to deal with a loud neighbor, I feel they would most likely call the cops to avoid confrontation.
One way to be assertive is to make sure that direct eye contact is being made. Stand firm and do not be fidgety. You may have to speak louder than you would normally talk to make sure that you are understood. Also speak slowly and not rushed as if you were serious without getting upset or angry when or if they ignore you or make rude gestures or comments.
Question 3 Some obstacles that come into mind are that they are having a party, trying out the new stereo, or practicing before they have to go DJ at a wedding or club. Other obstacles could be that