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Case Study McDonald’s
1) By being a franchisee of McDonalds the business doesn’t have to pay for any forms of market research due to the franchisor doing it themselves and sharing out the information found for free to their franchisees.
The business is already a well-recognised one and so the business won’t start with a small growing number of sales and customers but will instead start with a large group of customers.
The McDonalds franchisor offers to train and support their franchisees in management, leadership and team building skills which lasts around 9 months.
All franchisees benefit from any form of national marketing due to them holding the same brand image as all the other franchisees.
The franchisee is instructed in the legal aspects of employing staff, ordering stock control and profit and loss accounts which allows them to become a high knowledge and experienced individual.
2) By franchising for McDonalds, franchises are able to gain the experience of giving and providing customer service quickly whilst learning how to control different aspects of the business such as the profit and loss account. This allows individuals to gain a higher understanding of how high ranking business such as McDonald’s work increasing the chances of them being successful in their own lives whether they want to stay with the franchise or move on and develop their leaning to a higher stage.
3) McDonald’s uses sponsorships when it comes to certain Disney movies for example the new ‘How to train your Dragon 2’ film promotes