Mcdonalds case study Essay

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McDonalds is the largest fast food chain in the world as it located in most places it is easy for people to get in and have food that’s keeps brand name more popular compared to other fast foods restaurants which be existed only in some places, less compared to McDonalds, Dollar menu of the McDonalds one of the biggest advantage of them as they server burger food a dollar with good quality which makes other restaurants hard to deliver for same price makes McDonalds more competitive than other restaurants As last week mentioned about SWOT analysis on McDonalds I would like to mention about their Action plan today Staff Training and motivation for Innovation of new things:
Healthy foods:
Impressing Family Customers: Staff Training and motivation for Innovation of new things:
McDonalds are always try to innovate new things their core competence is innovation, The best example how they like innovation is McDonalds train their employees in hamburger university which is located in Illinois, More than 75,000 of managers and owner /operators and workers are who work in McDonalds are graduated in this university and they teaches in 32 different languages which makes flexible for the worker to understand in preferred language. Each employee will have at least 30 hours of training in their first month at hamburger university while compared to other fast food restaurants there is no kind of such university things so people coming out of hamburger university will use their skills for innovation new burgers and food items which makes McDonalds unique from other restaurants. Healthy foods:
As People now days aware of nutrition content in the foods and trying to keep themselves away from fast foods so McDonalds came up with a strategy they clear mentioned they are starting to use palm oil in all the restaurants starting