Case Study: Week One Individual Work

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Week One Individual work
Luke Shirley
Everest Collage

I believe that Cesare Beccaria was right. That punishment does control crime. Is it the only thing? I’m not sure. I use to think there was more to it than just the fear of punishment but, after digging deeper into the different laws we have and why people follow them it always seem too led back to the same thing. People don’t want what the punishment if they are caught. Weather it is a ten dollar fine or years in jail. Even when I was look at other forms of social controls (Other than from the threat of legal punishment), like religion or morals. They all lead back to the same thing the reason why there followed, is fear of punishment. People follow the laws so they don’t get punished. With that said however, I do not believe just the threat of punishment can controls crime, but it is the main factor. I feel many different factors play a significant role in controlling crime. That when they are all working together as one that’s when we can better control crime. The reason why I don’t hundred percent agree that just the threat of punishment can control crime is, because everyone is different. No two people are alike in their attitudes, ideas, interests and habits. Kids who have the same parents don’t have the same attitudes, habits and interests. People believe in different religions, dress differently, eat different food, marry in different ways and have different ideologies. There are so many differences ways to live life. With all these different ways and with every one wanting it to be there way at every movement there is the possibility of clash between them. In modern times, this possibility has all the more increased because people have become too self-centered. Social control is necessary to protect social interests and satisfy common need. If social control is removed and individual is left to behave freely, society would be reduced to state of some disorder and chaos. Some people don’t fear punishment they don’t care of the consequences of

They’re actions. Others on the other hand are so scared to get caught in a criminal act for the effect that it would have on them or on their career. That just knowing what the consequences or punishments there could be for actions, deters them from engaging in those acts. But, when you have a combination of different theories, start putting laws in place that affect everyone, and having different ways of social control that’s when we can start getting a grasp on crime. The motto “Let the punishment fit the crime” is the catchphrase of classical criminology, which believes that sentences for criminal behavior