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Company : L’Oreal
Brand Slogan: “Because you’re worth it.”
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I focused my research mainly on companies that have built successful brands for themselves in “real life” and through social media. L’Oreal is a unique example because I believe the company absolutely nails presenting its employer brand online. What they do is so inspiring, innovative and engaging that everybody wants to follow their example. The international cosmetics conglomerate effortlessly juggles careers-specific pages on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and even Flipboard and has hundreds of thousands of followers.
Aside from the compelling brand name, L’Oréal has built out their fan base, abiding by one simple principle. According to Zvi Goldfarb, Head of the Talent Acquisition Digital Lab at L’Oréal, they “serve the right content, to the right audience, at the right time.”
Here are three specific L’Oréal campaigns that are unique to the brand:
“Are you IN?” campaign on LinkedIn
In October 2013, L’Oréal hit the 300,000 follower mark on LinkedIn, joining the top 50 most followed employers on the platform. Aside from being a great pat-yourself-on-the-back stat, this number is important because 70% of page followers on LinkedIn are interested in a job opportunity with that company. With that in mind, L’Oréal put together their “Are you IN?” campaign. Its goal was to celebrate the L’Oréal follower base but also engage them in a fun and career-oriented conversation.
The centerpiece of the campaign is a website where the L’Oréal LinkedIn followers can go and select their “IN” factor (INternational, INnovative, INvolved, INfluential and so on) and show off the their uniqueness, creativity and professional values. Once their “IN” page is up, they can share it with the world and both get recognition for what they thought is their most outstanding professional “in” quality but also generate virility and more potential followers for L’Oréal.
L’Oréal Careers on Flipboard
Flipboard is not typically a forum most companies think of when developing their employer brand and that’s why it’s so impressive that L’Oréal seized that opportunity.
The lifestyle magazine app boasts a young