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Catching Fire Quiz Name ___________________________________

1. It’s the ___ Annual Hunger Games!
a. 50th
b. 75th
c. 100th
d. 125th

2 . Why is the Quarter Quell so…special?
a. All of the tributes are female
b. The tributes are all past winners
c. The tributes are made up of volunteers
d. The Hunger Games will only take place for one day

3. Who taught Katniss how to swim?
a. Haymitch
b. Prim
c. Her father
d. Cinna

4. Gale tells Katniss he loves her. Her response:
a. “I love you, too.”
b. “I think I’m in love with Peeta”
c. “Thank you”
d. “I know”

5. Who are Bonnie and Twill?
a. Cinna’s replacements
b. the new avoxes who are punished for rebelling against the Capitol
c. runnaways from district 6
d. The first people to hint at distrcits 13’s existence

6. In his interview, what shocking news does Peeta reveal about Katniss?
a. Katniss is pregnant
b. He and Katniss are engaged
c. He and Katniss cheated in the last games
d. Katniss is the leader of the rebellion

7. Gale is punished because he..
a. gets into a fight with Peeta
b. steals from President Snow
c. begs Katniss not to go back into the games in front of Peacemakers
d. tries to sell a turkey

8. Who is Mags?
a. the victor from District 7 who strips in front of Katniss to make her uncomfortable
b. the victor from District 2 who ripped out a tribute’s throat.. with her teeth
c. the victor from District 4 who sacrifices herself in a poisonous