Essay about Cats Versus Dogs

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Cats versus Dogs
Tabitha Driskell
November 17, 2012
Professor Larry Schnell

Do you like calm or noisy animals? Do you have children with you to worry about? Do you like living alone or are you very social? Do you like it to be quiet or do you like it to be noisy? There always has been a debate about whether a cat or a dog is the best to have, cats and dogs are very different from each other. When you think about getting a pet, and you are not sure whether to get a dog or a cat, there is much to consider. When someone has trouble finding a pet that they think will suit them the best, think about this. Are you busy all the time or do you stay at home more? A cat is a good pet to have if you stay busy frequently because they are very independent and can handle staying alone for a long time while dogs get lonely easily. ( Cats are calm as well and do not always want as much affection as a dog does. Dogs never like staying alone so if you are at home often you should think about getting a dog. They love to show affection and will run up to you when you walk in the door. If they are left alone, they will start to get sad and will whimper, bark and make other noises, such as growling. ( They really should not be considered if you word often or fo on many vacations. Cats are very independent so when you leave the house they will enjoy it and will play and take care of themselves. Dogs are known to get overprotective to owners in the most threatening ways (, sometimes even leaving the innocent person in the hospital. Do not get me wrong, cats do the same thing if they feel threatened to do so. Dogs become overprotective easily when they do not feel protected, which is a good reason not to get one if you will not be there for the dog as much, such as being a workaholic. Cats are known to run away instead of attacking strangers, they believe in turning the other cheek so to speak. If you have several friends over your house often, you should think about getting a cat instead of a dog just to be on the safe side. If you have food in the house and are eating be prepared for your pet to give you 'the look', the one that says "I want some, will you please give me some?" Both of the animals do this so getting a cat or a dog will not save you from being tempted to nice your food to them. A cat’s hearing is better than a dog's hearing ( Just imagine you are walking outside and then you hear your cat start to growl, the dog seems to be okay with everything. You do not understand so you try to ignore it. All of a sudden you hear a loud banging noise and a burgalar comes in. The reason the cat was growling was because it heard them before you or the dog did. If you were to buy a cat your house would be more protected, especially if you have a baby. When dogs are upset about something or feel threatened they bark. This sound is very loud and can even cause headaches. While cats on the other hand just hiss, this is much quieter. If you do not like loud noises and love the peace and quiet then I suggest you get a cat, especially if you get bad headaches and even migraines. Just imagine, you are coming home from a long day at work and you have a bad headache. When you get home you hear loud barks to welcome you home. shows that dogs were trained to bark while cats were trained to be solitary animals. This means that cats love to stay alone and do not show