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Mohammed Rumaih
Professor Greenfield
English 102, Cause and effect Rough draft
5 April 2015
Effects of Legalized Marijuana
A person who can be prescribed medical marijuana in AZ is anyone who has the certain medical needs such as, chronic pains, cancer, PTSD, AIDS, severe muscle spasm, and a few other symptoms. T he usage of the drug marijuana has been extensively researched and proven to be one of the “most viable and safest sources of medical value to the many Americans suffering from Aids, Glaucoma, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, and Chronic Pains” (Medical
Marijuana). According to the Institute of Medicines, (1999). Legalization of marijuana has been in controversial debate in the US for a long time. The debate is about how effective marijuana really could be. currently the drug policy imposes a strict measure on the consumption and possession of marijuana. the first effect of legalizing marijuana would greatly benefit those with serious health issues like cancer, and epilepsy.
These medical benefits should speak loudly to the government when coming to legalization. What people know about marijuana is the physical help it has but not everyone talks about the mental benefits. Helping cope with depression, anxiety or insomnia, this drug is one of the best4 medicines out there. “An Internet survey of 4400 adults by researchers at the University of Southern California found that marijuana users reported less depressed mood and more positive affect than non­users [Denson 56 ]. Not everyone can experience the benefits of cannabis, the main ingredient in marijuana. There seems to be a good portion of people who

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positively benefit from marijuana and also a portion of people who do not experience any benefits. It comes down to the individual and how their genetic make­up copes with marijuana, but by legalizing the medicinal use of marijuana, it will give people in need a chance to find the one drug that works in many different ways because it has different strains that all have different effects/benefits on the human body.
The third and final practical effect of the legalizing of