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21 October 2013

Cause and Effect Essay: Boys and Girls Club of America
Rhetorical Context
Author: I am a former Boys and Girls employee who enjoys helping people. After years in the Human Services Field, I thought it was fitting that I choose this non-profit organization.
Topic: The Boys & Girls Club of America
Purpose: To explain what the cause and effect in terms of why the Boys & Girls Club of America came to be.
Occasion: To inform the audience of the reason why the Boys & Girls Club of America was created.
Audience: Respected Elder The Boys & Girls Club has been around since 1860. The Boys Club as it was called then was created by three women, Mary Goodwin, Alice Goodwin and Elizabeth Hammersley. These three women wanting to provide a place for boys roaming the streets of Hartford, Connecticut joined together to create the very first boys club. In 1906 several Boys clubs in Boston Massachusetts was formed with 53 member organization. This was the beginning of the nationwide movement towards being a national organization. In 1931 the Boys Club Federation of America became the Boys Club of America. The Boys Club continued to offer programs geared to the overall goal of fostering a safe environment where young people can have fun and be themselves. In 1990 the Boys Club of America was renamed to the Boys & Girls Club of America to recognize that girls were also a part of their cause too. The Boys & Girls Club of America is still active today. In cities like Harlem, NY, where they serve approximately 2,000 at risk boys and girls that take advantage of programs offered by the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem. Locally, the Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Virginia began servicing it neighborhood first as