Causes of Climate Change Essay

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Causes of Climate Change The Temperature is Rising
The annual temperature is increasing everywhere and in Canada its at about 1 degree Celsius in the past and in the past 50 years it has increased by 2.5 degree Celsius.
Glaciers, ice sheets and seas ice are melting.
Large population depends on the melting of glaciers for drinking water, if the glaciers are gone so is the drinking water.
Ice also reflects sunlight, now the light will be absorbed causing the temperature to increase faster. Exposed soil will release methane with is a GHG and it will absorb thermal energy which will increase the temperature even more.
Ocean Levels are rising
Thermal energy is absorbed by water and therefore the climate will expand. Ice melting so the water will be added to the oceans, which will cause ocean levels to rise. Which will cause flooding in coastal regions.If Greenland fields melt sea level could rise as much as 7 meters.
Increased severe weather
Increase number of severe violent weather actions such as Hurricanes and tornadoes. Just recently in 2011 the US saw its first category 5 tornado, they’re thinking of adding a class 6 because the storms are getting more and more severe.
Changes in Season
The growing seasons become longer, summers are longer and winters are getting shorter and now spring occurs sooner so frost-free growing period is lasting loner into the fall. Animal breeder seasons are starting sooner and becoming stronger. Impacts of Global Warming
DISEASESpread of disease can happen because when countries get warmer the bugs will migrate north that will bring the diseases and plague with them.
SEVERE WEATHERAs temperature of oceans rise it will increase the risk of having more dangerous deadly hurricanes, tornadoes and natural disasters.
DROUGHT AND HEAT WAVESThere will be an increase probability of drought and heat waves throughout hotter regions. Although some regions will get wetter a lot of regions will receive a hot of drought and Africa will get the short end of the stick and receive the worst of it. These intense conditions could potentially lead to conflicts and war.
FLOODINGIt will also cause economic consequences because of all the coastal flooding and all of the hurricanes it will cost billions of dollars to repair all of the damage. Manhattan being a coastal city, will also be drowned along with various different
FOREST FIRESWarmer and dryer weather will cause dry lads of vast forest’s to catch on fire. Thus making warm, dry areas such as Australia the country that is at the most risk of having deadly forest fires.
SMOGA combination of vehicular fumes and ground level ozone with some industrial pollution, his heat waves will create smog and will be a chronic health threat to those living in urban areas.
VOLCANOESIt will also