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Safety is of the utmost importance in a childcare setting because parents and families are entrusting us with their most prized possessions. In addition to supervision, maintaining a classroom that is safe and free of hazards is essential, I would ensure my classroom was a safe environment by doing the following. First I would assess the area by putting myself on the children‘s level, crawling around on the floor to look for potential safety issues such as outlets that weren’t covered, tears in the carpet, shelving that was in bad repair or too high for the children, and any cords that may be a hazard. I would make sure that all of my equipment and materials were easily accessible to avoid children having to lean or stretch to get to them possibly tipping a shelf over or causing them to climb. I would ensure that my classroom furniture was arranged so that the children had ample space to move around each other, and that the furniture was sturdy, in good repair, and age/size appropriate for the children in my care. I would keep all chemicals and dangerous substances locked in a cabinet and keep the key out of reach of the children. I would have parents sign their children in and out daily, make sure that are releasing their children to a staff member at drop off and ensure that all medication is signed in by parents and stored in a lock box that is also out of reach of the children.

On the playground I would ensure that the play equipment is