Celebrities in media Essay

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Nischay Kumar
Individual Assignment
Our group has chosen the subject relating to media exposure and how it affects celebrities, in good and bad ways. My group and I have all done research pertaining to this topic. We have dwelled into scenarios of our current celebrities, for example Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus. We chose this because it’s a hot topic in today’s society and really grabs our generation’s attention. We see trends like these where, good goes bad, sweet turns sour, cute goes rebellious. A celebrity goes from perfect to downward spiral because of money and what they do with it. When you become a famous celebrity like Justin Bieber and worth over 100 million dollars by the age of 18 then one is going to do things that regular people can’t. I’ve done research about this subject and have found from various bloggers and journalist that celebrities like such do turn bad because of money. They become irresponsible and un-controlling of what they have that they become something their not. I have found many media examples that will make this a successful presentation. We have cases like Lindsay Lohan where drugs had corrupted her, or Miley Cyrus, and now Justin Bieber. Media plays a big role in this transition. Media loves blasting scenarios out of proportion, if someone gained a little bit of weight or something like that the media will make it seem like the person has gotten significantly bigger and over exaggerate things. They will do this with