Impact Of Media On American Culture

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David Santoyo
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January 20, 2013
Marti Abitheira Media and It’s Affect on American Culture The media has had an impact on American culture in many different ways the way we talk, dress, the way we portray other people, and creating overnight celebrities. For example, with the reality television series Jersey Shore. That was a huge affect on American culture for the teenagers they started to mimic some sayings that the Jersey Shore cast would be saying. It became huge for them. That series turned the cast into overnight celebrities, the cast first came into the house with small average cars. As the seasons went on they started showing up with bigger and flashier cars, and making appearances in special places now everybody knows who they are. This type of influence is something that has been around for a long period. There are historical events that have led to an impact on the development of media, and how media has influenced the American culture. There are many events that have had an impact on the media. One event that affect the media can be a school shooting. This has an impact on the media because people think that the child did this because he maybe watching violent movies, playing violent video games, or just things that he sees. If the media would not be showing all the negative stuff kid wouldn’t have to be doing school shootings. Other events that have an impact on the media are when people commit suicide because they were being abused in online sites. It is sad knowing that a kid killed him or herself because they were being virtually bullied on these sites. The American culture has been influenced a lot by the media. The media tell us what is cool, it tells us everything. For one it makes the wrong people into over night celebrities, One day they are a normal person and then next day they are a celebrity. They make the people that do stupid things into celebrities which instead they should be making people that do heroic things famous. The media blows up what the person had done and it is the people that read about it and make the people famous. For that reason Americans make the wrong people famous. For example, a women from a reality television show is famous for being intoxicated, partying, and basically living crazy on that show, now she has her own show and the media is making the wrong people famous. Somebody that needs to have to spotlight is Victoria Soto the teacher that saved her students from the shooter at the elementary school in Connecticut. They need to start showing who the real important people are. The media has also influenced the American with the presidential elections. The media has had an affect on this because they can show that whoever is running against