Teens and Media Essay

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Teens and The Media Advertisements are all around us regardless where we are. These advertisements are a big factor in influencing people, especially teenagers. The media is very persuasive when it comes to selling their products. They want use any source of promotion to sell their products. Their main sources of persuasion includes following the latest trends, exploiting insecurities of people, and celebrity endorsements. There will always be a trend in modern society. Whether it is fashion or technology, trends are set to keep the media’s products selling. It is a continuous cycle that the media follows. They find a trend, they follow it, and then they either set a new one or following the next one. This “cycle” exists because teenagers are always looking to fit in. In the visual, There are examples of what people “should” wear, “should” have, and “should” want. These are the trends that are set by the media for society. Another manipulative act made by the media is using celebrities to sell their products. Celebrities are idols for teenagers. Teenagers are always looking up to them. That being said, Celebrity endorsements are usually followed by teenagers wanting to be like them, ending with teenagers buying that product. In the visual, celebrities are endorsing make-up products that they use. The media also exploit the insecurities of people, especially teens. The media always has beautiful, handsome, fit models promoting their products and or advertisements.