Celiac Disease Essay

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Celiac Disease
This essay will be focused on the Disease called Celiac Disease. This disease is cause from the intolerance to Gluten; the information will includes the history and discovery, cause, symptoms, the statistic, related condition and the treatment. Celiac is a Greek Koilia which means belly, the disease is a digestive disease that which damages the small intestine and then interferes with the absorption of from food, however, people who suppers from Celiac disease are intolerance t Gluten. Gluten is a composite that is most commonly found in wheat and other related grains, like barley, rye and other everyday product such as medicine, vitamins and lip balms. What happen is that, the protein damages the villi that is located in the intestine, and when the villi is been damaged, it is impossible for nutrients to enter the body, (Celiac disease, 2013). In this case, if a person consumes any gluten products, what happens is, the small intestine will becomes inflamed and when this happens, it damages the intestine and in some cases if left untreated may result in removal of part of the intestine may result in removal in the of part of the intestine and it takes time to heal the villi (Celiac Disease, 2012). RESEARCH.
According to Ales Gazzola (2011), it state that, Celiac is mostly commonly found in children and then later, research found it also in adult and it can now affects people of all ages, race and gender. However, researcher has stated that, 1 of 133 people and 90 per cent of people are either misdiagnosed or undiagnosed and it can sometimes up to 10 years to get the right diagnosis.