Differences Between Celiac Disease And Gluten-Free Fad

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Giles Morrison

Nutrition and wellness


In this thesis I will be discussing the differences between Celiac disease, Gluten sensitivity, and Gluten-free fads. Celiac disease calls for gluten-free diet, as gluten causes many health problems for people who suffer from the disease. There are also people that suffer from gluten sensitivity that do not suffer from Celiac disease, and those who follow the gluten free fad. People who cut gluten out of their diets who do not suffer from gluten sensitivity or Celiac may not be getting the nourishment in their diet that they need. Celiac disease is an immune reaction to eating gluten, if you eat gluten and have Celiac disease it will cause an immune response in your small intestines, and cause weight loss and often will shut down vital organs. If a child had Celiac disease and he ingests gluten, malabsorption will cause the child will irritate the stomach very badly. There is no cure to Celiac disease, but if you follow a strict gluten free diet, it will help prevent symptoms of it and promote intestinal healing. The gluten-free fad can also cause malnourishment; it isn’t advised to do so unless you cannot eat gluten, if you eat gluten foods in moderations you will have a very healthy system. A gluten free lifestyle has its positive points and also a few negatives. It can be a good lifestyle if you are allergic to gluten, but can be bad for you if you aren’t allergic to it. A gluten free lifestyle can make you very unhealthy if you aren’t allergic to gluten. The positive effects of gluten free living on people with gluten allergies are amazing.
There may be people who suffer gluten sensitivity that need to be on a gluten free diet. But the people who don’t have gluten sensitivity shouldn’t go on a gluten free diet. It can be very unhealthy for your body, because a gluten free diet has no nutritional value. Thus being on a gluten free diet is the lesser of the two lifestyles.
Celiac disease requires a special diet void of gluten and has made it hard throughout the years for people with the disease to have a more normal life, until now. In the past few years, new varieties of gluten-free products have emerged from the shadows, allowing people to live a more orderly and prevalent life. They will also generally live healthier and do more things because the gluten-free foods have healthy nutrients in them as well; it all just depends on the food they eat.
Gluten sensitivity is positive because you have a lot of variety to what you eat contrary to what people had in the past. People with Gluten sensitivity can eat healthy and now they have a lot of variety so it can be good to have Gluten sensitivity sometimes. There are many foods today that are gluten free, so people can eat what others can too, without getting hurt. A lot of the gluten-free foods taste the same as foods with gluten in them. If you eat gluten-free foods and have Gluten sensitivity it’s like eating the same foods just not