Essay about Cellular Organelles

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Cellular Organelle

Describe Structure

Describe Function



­ all organelles are suspended in cytoplasm. ­ mostly water but other substances stored in cell until they are needed.

­ chemical reactions take place here.
­ can change from jelly­like liquid allowing organelles to be moved around. both

Cell membrane

­ surrounded by double­layered cell membrane. ­ support the cell and to allow some substances to enter while keeping others out.
­ called “semi­permeable membrane.”



­ roughly spherical structure with in cell.

­ contains genetic information that controls all cell activities.
­ This genetic information is stored on chromosomes. both


­ large reddish oval structure.

­ make energy available to cell (called power­plants) ­ active cells (like muscle cells) have more mitochondria than less active cells (like fat­storage cells).
­ mitochondria contains enzymes that help convert stored energy into usable form (cellular respiration)


Endoplasmic Reticulum

­ three dimensional network of branching tubes and pockets.
­ extends throughout the cytoplasm and is continuous from the nuclear membrane to the cell membrane.

­ fluid filled tubes transport materials such as protein, though the cell.


Golgi Bodies

­ golgi bodies collect and process materials to be removed from the cell.
­ also make and secrete mucus.



­ single layer of membrane enclosing fluid in a